5 Pro Tips for Supercharging Your New Podcast

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5 Pro Tips To Help Supercharge Your Podcast


So you’ve made the decision to start recording that podcast you’ve been talking about for so long! Congratulations! These 5 Pro tips will help you take your show to the next level.

Pro Tip #1: Choose A Topic That You Are Passionate About

This should be something that you enjoy and can naturally discuss. We all have something that lights our fire…a topic that’s based on that passion will draw a loyal audience.

Pro Tip #2: Keep It Short and On Schedule!

Analytics have shown that the most successful podcasts are 22 minutes in length and released weekly on Tuesdays.

Pro Tip #3: Make A Strong First Impression

Make your premiere podcast about a topic that really hits home with your target demographic! The initial podcast of a series will likely be the one listeners try first… make sure they are hooked!

Pro Tip #4: Collaboration is King

Promote your podcast by being a guest on other peoples’ podcasts. Reach out to your favorites and see if they might need a guest for one of their eppisodes.

Pro Tip #5: Be Organized and Grateful To Your Listeners

At the start of each show, outline what’s going to be covered in the show. Try to involve the listener by getting them to interact with you via Email or on social networks. Make sure to post about this at the end of the show.

Lastly, thank your listeners for their time, tell them how to find out more and let them know when the next show will be available.

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