How To Create A Podcast Introduction

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How to create an intro for your podcast

Creating a podcast introduction can be a bit like trying to find the perfect tie or purse to match your outfit.

Get it wrong and you won’t attract the compliments that you are looking for.  Or in the case of your podcast, you won’t attract the listeners that could or should benefit from your show.  And worse yet, is that you might now attract the right advertisers either. So, how do you go about creating or selecting the right podcast introduction?  Here are a few tips from Podcast Center LA.

Listen to other shows

Getting creative ideas from other show is great, but too much of a good thing is not.  These days with sites like Fiverr and other quick consultant gig sites, you can end up getting the same sound as everyone else. That’s what five bucks gets you – sameness.  Instead, listen to the other shows for content and creativity and how they match up their podcast introduction to the rest of the show.  Then think about your show and how you would stand apart from other competing shows.

Tell them what the show is about

It’s great to talk about all of your achievements in the intro, but if you are just starting out, most people won’t know who you are.  Instead, tell them what they are going to learn by listening to you.  Tell what the core content is and what the results of listening will be.

Gender is key

Got a manly show about chopping wood – probably don’t want to use the delicate female intro voice.  Think about your audience and what is going to attract them in.  Do men who want to know how to fix a car radiator really believe that the petite little woman knows her stuff – maybe, but most likely it will throw the show off from the start.  The same thing holds true about a female host who is doing a show about women’s fashion – you don’t want the biker dude introducing the show.

Longer is not better

Just because bigger is better everywhere else, it doesn’t mean that a longer podcast introduction is better.  Get on with it already.  People are strapped for time and if you are dragging them thru a minute and a half of an intro you are going to lose them after the first 6 episodes.

Write it out

Yes, write it out several times. Give it to a friend or co-worker to review.  Let them mark it up.  Does it sound good when you say it out loud?  If not, revise it.

Pick the music

Music is a mood changer.  Think of your audience.  Going for the older crowd, then pick music that brings back sweet memories of their glory days.  Not punk rock.  Match up the audience to their type of music.

Level it out

Nothing is worse than a super loud intro and a soft show.  Or a soft intro and a loud show. Get the volumes matched up and make sure people don’t have to adjust their volumes when listening to your show.

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