Getting the perfect loudness for your podcast

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The Broadcast industry has a standard.  In fact, there is a standard for everything in this world.  If you want your podcast show to sound professional then follow this simple magic rule – match it to negative 18.

Negative 18 is the magic number

You may recall some years back while watching TV that when you show hit the commercial break, the volume would rise dramatically.  You would constantly reach for the remote.  The industry sought to balance this and they came up with LUFS  or Loudness Units relative to Full Scale.  The industry seeks to balance audio between -20 and -16.

Most shows and broadcasters will use the -18 figure because it is right in the middle and leaves a little remove for fluctuation – just like the belt around your waistband.

How to match your audio to -18

The process is rather simple.  Open up the Match Loudness window and drag your clip into the window, then hit run.  Adobe Audition will run the file and do all the hard work for you.  Then save your changes and export your file.  You are ready to go with a Broadcast industry standard file.  A professional file at that.

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