How to destroy your podcast

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If you want to have a highly ranked podcast show, then you need to stop sabotaging your show with, like, these words man!

There are plenty of issues in audio podcasts that can turn off listeners, but most are easily fixed with today’s modern software applications.  The biggest challenge is correcting yourself and your use of language.   These five words and phrases will kill your podcast no matter how good the audio sounds.


Um, um, um let me think of what I need to say here.  As an audio engineer and editor nothing kills the show faster than the dreaded um.  It tells your guests and audience that you did not come prepared to speak or that your brain is just plain slow.  The easy way to prepare for these is to get your list of questions ready and then fire them off.  If you can’t stop saying um, well um, make sure to delete it from the audio file.

You know

No, I don’t know and that is why I am listening to your show.  If you are using the phrase you know a lot then you need to stop and start thinking about your content in a little more detail.  It’s the lack of detail and your inability to describe it well that leads to the you know.  It’s a short and easy way out of filling in the gap.  Slow down your conversation and explain it.  It is way more interesting to hear an in-depth conversation than a glossy you know.


This is another filler word.  Like, seriously, stop saying like.  You are not from the Valley and that is so 1980’s.


So is another indication that you are not prepped for your guest.  Just get to the question already or say what you need to say.  People are listening to you because they want to hear what YOU do.  No matter the right or wrong, they want what YOU do.

I mean

Just like you know, I mean is not an explanation.  That’s why we are listening – to figure out the meaning of what you are telling us about.  If we already know what you mean then we really don’t need your podcast.


Save your podcast and get rid of these filler words and phrases.  You will see your audience increase as well as your sponsors and guests.

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