Just make it clap! Syncing remote guest’s recordings

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Podcasting is more competitive than ever these days. Starting out on a shoestring budget means that you can’t fly guests to your location to record the perfect show.  And if you could, your guests most likely won’t have the time in their schedule to do so.   To get the best possible show in terms of audio quality, you will want to have your guests record locally to their machine.  So syncing the tracks becomes paramount to a great final product.  So how do you easily sync your tracks?

Editing made easy

If you are personally editing your own show then syncing is infinitely easier because you can recall your conversation.   If you are sending it to an editor then giving them a sync point will not only make their life easier but will save you a ton of money in editing costs especially if you have more than 2 tracks to sync.

You are probably thinking why is syncing so hard?  Well, we have multiple issues – latency and people don’t hit record at the same time.

The easiest thing you can do is have everyone clap at the same time.  This is similar to Hollywood’s clapboard and what it does is produce a tall spike in your audio track.  This provides you with a great visual reference to line up the tracks quickly and easily. I personally recommend doing 3, 4 or 5 claps or finger snaps into the microphone to make it even more precise in the line up.  From there you can listen and fine tune the audio to ensure a perfect match.

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