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Podcast Center LA - Your Podcasting Solution In Los Angeles

There’s no denying that podcasting is on the rise and along with it, the ways we listen to them are getting better and better. This means that podcasters need to pay special attention to the quality of the audio in their shows. The process of getting there can be cumbersome, involving lots of research and investment into recording equipment. On top of that, figuring out what to do with the audio once it’s recorded can be overwhelming in and of itself.

We started Podcast Center LA to help make this process easier for podcasters of all levels. Our unique setup allows you to come in and do the things you do best – host your show and talk about the topics that interest you. With up to six microphones, a live sound engineer and professional podcast editing, we make sure each episode is professionally recorded and produced.

Feel comfortable editing your own shows? Just schedule your session then come in and record. Our sound engineer will make sure that you sound your best. After your recording session ends, we wrap up the audio file in its raw state and put it on a thumb drive for you. From there, you can edit, add intros, outros and drops as you see fit.

We aim to make podcasting easy for you.

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