001: Should I use Headphones when I record my podcast?

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001: Should I use Headphones when I record my podcast?
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Welcome to Podcast Center LA: Insights From The Studio with Mike & Steve!

We’ve all seen pictures of people in the recording studio with those big ol’ headphones on their heads, and while we know that looks cool, you’re probably wondering what are they really for? In this first Episode of Insights From The Studio with Mike & Steve, we discuss whether or not you should use them when you record. We also cover what they’re really for and why you should be using them.

Highlights From This Episode:

“By using the headphones, you only hear what the mic is picking up.”Steve Wilmes

“You’re actually in the zone because you have the headphones on.”Mike Nease

Being able to hear yourself makes all the difference! Here at PCLA, we only use high-quality studio headphones to help us ensure your recording sounds as good as possible.

What kind of headphones do you like to use when recording your podcast? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below!

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