004: Why You Should Have A Podcast Website

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004: Why You Should Have A Podcast Website
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In this episode of Insights From The Studio with Mike & Steve, we discuss why you should have a podcast website.

So… You have your podcast recorded, but now it needs a home. Enter the podcast website, a central location for all things related to you and your show. But do you really need one? Make sure to listen to find our thoughts and insights on podcast websites!

Highlights From This Episode:

“When I think about a podcast website and why I would want one… is really to sell the show itself.. you need images and all of these other things that come around the podcast, to show your brand, your image and all those things that represent you yourself.”

Steve Wilmes

“A podcast website gives you a lot more ability to focus and hone in on your message. It’s a home where you can send people for more information like all of the places they can go to subscribe etc.”

Mike Nease


These days, getting a podcast website set up is easier than ever. Here are a couple of platforms that make it easy to get your site up and running in no time:


Probably one of the simplest, most professional looking website platforms out there, Squarespace offers Unlimited Storage and bandwidth on plans starting at just $12/mo. They even have built-in RSS and podcast settings to help you get up and running. While this may be good for a lot of shows, it can get more complicated if you are looking for design and functionality that’s outside of what Squarespace offers. In addition to this, Squarespace’s podcast feeds only display the most recent 100 posts/episodes and their Audio Blocks have an upload limit of 160MB. To check out Squarespace’s overview of their podcasting feature, CLICK HERE.


WordPress is one of the most widely used and most flexible website platforms on the internet today. They have a huge variety of plugins and themes for getting your site customized to your needs. Because of this, they can seem incredibly overwhelming if you’re first getting set up. One of the best features of the WordPress platform is the ability to really customize the site both to your design needs and for adding additional functionality. Your website lives on the website hosting of your choice and if you want, you can even host your podcast audio files directly from your website! Unlike Squarespace, you have the ability to choose how many episodes show up in your podcast feed (The default is set to 10). WordPress definitely has its ups and downs, but if you’re looking for a custom self-hosting solution, it may be perfect for you.

What About All These Other Podcast Hosting Services?

This is a question we get a lot… ‘Should I use a podcast hosting service like Blubrry,  Libsyn or even SoundCloud?” – and while we definitely see the upsides to services like these – additional statistics, feed management, etc., they’re usually not necessary, especially when you’re first getting started. Remember, when you’re getting started, you want to make sure to keep costs as low as possible and most of these platforms charge a monthly fee. And while it may not be overly expensive, services like these add up over time. We’ll make sure to cover Podcast Hosting Services in a future episode!

Do you have a website for your podcast? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below with the link to your site!

Are you looking for help getting your podcast website set up? Send us a message and we’ll help you get your site up and running!

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