005: Don’t Talk Over Your Podcast Guest

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Don't Talk Over Your Podcast Guest

005: Don’t Talk Over Your Podcast Guest
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In this episode of Insights From The Studio with Mike & Steve, we discuss why you shouldn’t talk over your podcast guest.

Actively listening to your podcast guest while not interrupting them is one of the most essential interview skills you can have as a podcast host. You took the time to message them, get a time scheduled and now they’re on your show. As podcasters, most of us like to talk, but it is essential that we let our guests do the same. By doing this, you will increase your chances of getting the most out of the interview, creating engaging material for your listeners and will hopefully make your guest want to come on the show again.

Highlights From This Episode:

“You’ve gotta let them talk… you need the good part of the answer.”

Steve Wilmes

“It’s really important, before you start your podcast, to prepare. Know what questions you want to ask… Your act of listening will prompt new questions. Having that initial set of questions and structure for your show enables you to stay within the bounds of your show.”

Mike Nease

Here’s Howard Stern’s Neil Young interview that Steve mentioned in the show:

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