006: A Conversation With Chris Greenspon

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006: A Conversation With Chris Greenspon
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In this episode of Insights From The Studio with Mike & Steve, we sit down with Chris Greenspon.

Chris Greenspon

Chris Greenspon wears multiple hats in the world of Audio Production, with skills ranging from producer to editor he will even sometimes step in as a host. He’s currently producing a podcast called The Vacuum Seal – a show about people who are doing something that is culturally vital and important to them but they’re doing it in a ‘vacuum’: without monetary or social incentive.  Chris also describes how he and his cousin created the Vacuum Seal sound effects in the show.

“That awful, in-the-moment sound is what people associate with the news. That grading, super trebly sound, that’s what people think of as the sound of ‘being there’.”

Chris Greenspon

During our conversation, we also discussed meeting at Ear Buds Live at the Village Workspaces and Chris gives advice to someone who dropped into our studio who’s looking to start a new podcast.

“Be willing to screw up and put the work into screwing up.”

Chris Greenspon

To find out more about Chris and The Vacuum Seal podcast, CLICK HERE.

You can also subscribe to The Vacuum Seal on iTunes at THIS LINK

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