008 – How Long Should Your Show Be?

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Insights From The Studio Episode 8

008 – How Long Should Your Show Be?
Insights From The Studio with Steve...

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In this episode of Insights From The Studio with Mike & Steve, we ask ‘How Long Should Your Show Be?”.

How long is too long for your podcast? We’ve all listened to those shows that go on and on and on, then we stop listening and never go back. On several occasions, I’ve had to clear out my incompleted podcasts on my phone because I just don’t have the time to finish listening.

So, how long should your show be? It ultimately comes down to what you have to say, how it’s being said and whether or not you think your target audience will keep listening. Some shows like Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History are known for having episodes that are over four hours long! But he keeps it consistently interesting and leaves you wanting more.

Take a listen to the full episode to hear more!

“I don’t think you can say how long it should be.”

Steve Wilmes

“Make sure your topics are interesting, make sure your guests are interesting, make sure that you are interesting and make sure that your episode lends to people wanting to listen.”

Mike Nease

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