009: Recording Over The Internet vs Phone

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Insights From The Studio Episode 9

009: Recording Over The Internet vs Phone
Insights From The Studio with Steve...

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In this episode of Insights From The Studio with Mike & Steve, we discuss recording over the Internet vs over the phone.

One of the most complicated parts of hosting your own podcast can be booking your guests, but then the next step is recording them when they’re not able to just come into your studio. To do this, you’re going to need to have a solution for recording over the Internet. There are tons of options for video chat software out there from built-in apps like FaceTime and Google Hangouts to more premium services like Skype and Zoom. And while those platforms can definitely have their advantages (being able to see your guest’s face being one of them), they have their disadvantages as well. It’s easy with all of these options to forget the simplest solution to recording remote interviews: your phone.

So, which one should you use? We go over this in depth in the episode. Go ahead and click play to find out.

Here are Some Highlights From This Episode:

“Technology is not always your friend, and sometimes going old school is the way to go.”

Steve Wilmes

“It’s more complicated, but I have seen people mail a microphone to those guests and record on their end.”

Mike Nease

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