010: What To Do When Your Mom Won’t Be Quiet

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Episode 010 - What To Do When Your Mom Won't Be Quiet!

010: What To Do When Your Mom Won’t Be Quiet
Insights From The Studio with Steve...

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In this episode of Insights From The Studio with Mike & Steve, we talk about What To Do When Your Mom Won’t Be Quiet

So… you’re all set up to record the next great episode of your podcast and you’re about to hit record when… your mom starts talking loudly in the other room… Or, your roommate starts banging dishes… or, your dog starts barking… or your neighbors start watching that awesome new superhero movie on their brand new state of the art sound system. Now, you have a problem because, with all of this extra noise, it just got a whole lot more difficult to get a nice clean audio recording for your show.

So, which one should you use? We go over this in depth in the episode. Go ahead and click play to find out.

Here are Some Highlights From This Episode:

“I think the first piece of equipment that you should really invest in if this is a problem for you is a compressor/gate.”

Steve Wilmes

“I’ve known some professional voice artists who will record in their closet because the clothes in your closet deaden some of that sound.”

Mike Nease


Here’s the video Steve mentioned in the episode:

Looking for an awesome compressor/gate like the one Steve mentioned in the episode? You can check it out at THIS LINK.

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