013: What To Do With A Podcast Guest Who Doesn’t Agree With You

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013: What To Do With A Podcast Guest Who Doesn’t Agree With You
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In this episode of Insights From The Studio with Mike & Steve, we discuss What To Do With A Podcast Guest Who Doesn’t Agree With You

So, you’ve taken the steps to get your guest lined up, you have them on your show and then you start to disagree with each other. As a host, it is imperative that you know how to handle situations like this in order to steer the topic, keep respect for your guest and keep things interesting for your listeners.

So, how do you do it?

“It’s a great conversation that’s much needed: how do we actually have these civil conversations with people that we adamantly disagree with?”

Mike Nease

Depending on the kind of show you have, you may or may not come across situations like this on a frequent basis. If you do come across this situation, however, it’s important to listen, try to understand where the other person is coming from and guide the discussion into a meaningful conversation. You can do this by honing in your active listening skills: you have to be listening, not forming opinions and comments right then and there.

“If you want to bring guests on who may disagree with you, you have to show that you can make them comfortable in that situation.”

Steve Wilmes

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Give them the same courtesies that you would expect them to show to you.

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