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Get The Release In Writing

So you finally booked your dream guest on your up and coming podcast show.  The kind of guest that is going to blow your ratings thru the roof. You spent weeks conducting in-depth research and carefully preparing questions designed to wow your audience. The big day arrives and you and your guest have the kind of chemistry that makes cupid cry.

You wrap the show, send your raw files off to the editor and pow!  You got a show for the history books and a bill from your editor for several hundred dollars.

The show goes live and your audience loves it.  The next day you get a call from your guest’s agent telling you to take down the show because some of your guest’s big paying clients don’t like your show.  You tell them to shove it and hang up the phone.  Now, comes the call from the attorney.  Without having a release from your guest you determine that it is not worth the legal bill or trouble you would have to incur.

To avoid this whole scenario – wasting time, money, effort and letting your audience down, get a written release up front.  This is especially important when dealing with the Hollywood types you frequently run across these days.

What does the release do

The release protects you against using your guest’s likeness – just like taking a photograph, you are using their voice instead of their image.  And their voice may be highly recognizable and bring them in millions of dollars in revenue.  In turn, it may give your audience the idea that they are endorsing you somehow. All of this adds up to potential lost income and an income you don’t want them to get from you.  The release says they have been paid for the show- no royalties, no future payments, no more anything

Protect yourself, show and your future

The bigger problem comes down the line when you want to cut back to the glory days when you had guest X on and they said something that really fits into the current day show.  So you splice in their soundtrack to the current show.  The release gives you copyright and ownership of that soundtrack to do whatever you want to do with it for the rest of your life.  It gives you the right to sell it, to make money from it and to use it how you see fit regardless of how your guest’s views change over the years.

Without the release you put yourself, your business and your assets on the line.  Podcast Center LA provides releases to all our shows so they can protect themselves against any future losses.  Just another thing we do to make sure that your show is the best it can be.


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